Non Surgical

Our Silhouette Dermalift is very comfortable and will leave your skin feeling smoother and looking fresher. The specially designed facial probes produce a micro current that is ran over the face to stimulate the muscles and regenerate cells. This helps reduce lines and wrinkles and gives a fresher complexion and skin tone. Other benefits include:

Improve Scarring and Acne

Lifts and Tones Facial Muscles

Reduced Puffiness and Dark Shadows

Many More Benefits

Vitage Enzyme Uplifting Mask

Often referred to as the “Facelift In A Jar”. The mask energises, firms and hydrates the skin giving it an instant boost that leaves your complexion looking smoothed, stimulated and rejuvenated. The mask is rich in vitamin c and will leave you feeling amazing !

Diamond Tome™

The Diamondtome is a skin resurfacing machine. The wand has a Diamond tip and it is used on your face. As well as exfoliating, it also has a gentle vacuum that removes dead skin, cleans out your pores and very gently removes the top layer of skin. This not only makes your skin look instantly more smoother, supple and vibrant, it actually helps promote the growth of healthy, new skin. The treatment is non evasive and pain free. You can also use it regularly to produce even greater results.


Omnilux™  are the leaders in light only skin rejuvenation. By using the machine, it stimulates your bodies own natural processes to counteract your skin aging . As you grow older the collagen in your body diminishes. This results in skin becoming drier, thinner and less flexible. The Omnilux™ light stimulates cells and increases blood flow which result in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, soft and smoother skin as well as skin roughness. The treatment is also completely pain and side effect free.